World Kindness Day: Can We Build a Ritual of Being Good

World Kindness Day: Can We Build a Ritual of Being Good kindness360 dropcap Can we go about with all the goodness of our being and just be plain nice to everyone around. Can we build a purpose and passion in life to be kind and loving. Do we miss opportunities of showing kindness because of the chaos in our life. Is kindness a far fetched mission for us, which seems good to hear but hard to act. Why not take the personal responsibility to make a positive contribution in our lives and become the person we truly desire to be.
[shortcodes_quote]trigger that passion within ourselves to be kind not occasionally but every day[/shortcodes_quote] Building rituals it is said are powerful motivators in achieving one’s personal goals in life. Being chosen consciously, rituals have an energetic purpose in them. They bring an alert focus and drive us to the desired action almost effortlessly. They are more meaningful to us, because they have a much grander purpose in our life. Building a ritual around a new behavior like kindness will serve as a gentle reminder on the road we have envisioned to accomplish. Such that when we are confronted with an unfavorable situation, we would automatically be compelled to exhibit kindness without any sort of inhibitions. We will know exactly what is to be done at the right moment. We will experience a greater level of satisfaction and happiness in our lives.

Successful people and great athletes have their uniquely developed set of rituals in place, which help them perform at their peak even when under pressure. Benjamin Franklin was a strict follower of many routines. Most famous of them is that every morning before beginning his day, he would unfailingly ask, “What good shall I do this day”.

Inspired by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s much acclaimed approach to creating behavior that lasts – I am quite excited to introduce the daily kindness challenge.

The first step to this challenge is making a set of daily questions, around a behavior that you intend to develop. Your daily questions for example could include:
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  • Did I do my best to maintain a positive attitude today
  • Did I do my best to stay connected in the present moment
  • Did I do my best to engage positively with people I met
  • Did I do my best to do something nice for someone
  • Did I do my best to spend time with my family
[/shortcodes_list] Well it does not stop here. The next step is to measure your performance to this test at the end of every day, by rating yourselves on each of these active questions on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best score. Not to mention, success of this challenge lies in being honest as you reflect upon and regularly review your performance. By bringing an alert focus on the desired behavior, we bring a conscious awareness in all our interactions. We take accountability for all our actions and become mindful of correcting them in an appropriate loving way.

Our mind loves to play games and more so to even win. Invariably, we would want to perform better by gaining more points by way of doing more good deeds each day. And once we get into that momentum, kindness will become an innate part of our being – doing good will come naturally to us.

On the occasion of World kindness day, let’s not miss the opportunity to incorporate this ritual and trigger that passion within ourselves to be kind not occasionally but every day and every moment of our lives.

With our genuine commitment to improve, we develop a radical focus with renewed energy to be better everyday. This will not only create a better you, but also help create a better world.

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