When the Word Kindness Comes to Mind

Editors note: Dear readers, please read this post for its message and remember – kindness matters. We understand the writing is rough around the edges, but we have all decided this lovely little essay deserves to be included here because our author (known only by her name, Amal) has endured countless critiques and repeated rejections, but has shown us nothing but civility and kindness in her steadfast determination to share her stories with you.

An Essay by Amal

When the word kindness comes to mind,  I recall a time when a certain someone of importance to me,  lost the people that meant the world to them. They were pregnant, hurt and alone, it may be difficult to put their emotions to words, but the days of onion and storm of tears that trickled down her face may describe it some extent. Her name was Amelia,  But, like Superman saved the day, so did the sweet introduction of these three fine women, who surprisingly appeared into her life, though tough as nails, their beautiful white hearts expressed an outpouring of true selfless acts, a blessing they were, to all who knew them.  The first was Nancy, the second was Amber who was of Jewish faith and the third and most significant one was a Muslim woman by the name of Coco, they were angels sent by God sent to give this woman peace of mind and remind her she was not alone.

These Superwomen, with their sisterly love, contacted this pregnant woman Amelia sun up and sun down   each day to ensure how much they loved her and were rooting for her and that she had her favorite sisters by her side,   these kind words were followed thru with actions, and her gratitude showed in her smile radiating as if a, beam was glowing  on to her face for all to see. This same woman who faced distress and heartache was employed up until a few days before she delivered her dynamite baby blonde hair with curly cues too and gorgeous brown eyes. These same three lovely ladies, arranged for a baby shower for her, among the presents, was their memorable presence, not to mention the decor designed in one of the women’s homes with baby spelled out clearly, and the buffet style entrees and the desert course was incredible we’ll though out. This experience for Amelia was an exceptionally pleasant one and quite emotional too,. for she began wiping one tear after the other with a white fine tissue she folded in half and gently brushed underneath her eyelids so the tears would not show, but they were her happy tears. The baby was a girl and these kind-hearted women bought one that was pink with the engraving of congratulations on the baby girl, with pink and white buttercream there were intertwined arches on all four sides of the  rectangular shaped cake and pink ceramic booties with white dots on the top cap of the shoes carefully arranged as a topper. To her, that was fine dining with the best of the company her three favorite people, who to her was the family she longed for. She thanked them and hugged them tightly for she did not want the night to end, not without her new found family. And When she finally birthed the baby she did it the old fashioned way, free of epidurals and who was there to tell her to breathe, Coco there to pray to God to ease her pain during delivery, while holding her hand for support till the end,.when she was in excruciating pain, and Amber there to look after her young daughter who spent 2 nights with Coco, while Amelia was recovering in the maternity hospital if that is not family I do not know what is.

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