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Be Kind To Yourself – Take That Pause

One cold evening, as I sat relaxed sipping a warm cup of tea, I experienced a nice friendly feeling – a sense of pristine calmness and appreciation of a divine and beautiful moment. And so just this small incident, got me thinking about our present day lives, which has come…


Courage to be kind

o me being kind is an act of courage. Courage to challenge your own beliefs, values and that of the society. Courage to take that first step to lift someone’s life. Courage to give more and receive less. And the courage to see someone happy.  We humans are culturally motivated…


An Act of Kindness

hen I was seven years old, I asked my mother, “how do I perform an act of kindness?” One of my first grade teachers, whom I highly respected, had a favorite phrase that was “acts of kindness.” She had millions of posters streaming across the walls of our classroom, emblazoned…


Color Your World With Kindness

A beautiful, thoughtful video about being kind to one another. A must view for anyone starting on the road to kindness360.

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