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Be Kind to Yourself

Self-love has grown to be a hot topic in this day and age. Honestly, it can be harder to practice kindness to ourselves than it is to practice kindness towards others. Despite this, we should all strive to do so, with the understanding that outward compassion starts within our own entity. We love others to the greatest utmost capacity when we learn to love ourselves. But self-love is often confused with superficial action, like taking yourself on a shopping trip, running an extra long bath, or getting a makeover. All these things can make you feel good physically, however, in the long run, they are not sustainable mentally; not to mention financially. Self-love means being patient with yourself when you’re emotionally drained or strained. Self-love…


Be Kind To Yourself – Take That Pause

One cold evening, as I sat relaxed sipping a warm cup of tea, I experienced a nice friendly feeling – a sense of pristine calmness and appreciation of a divine and beautiful moment. And so just this small incident, got me thinking about our present day lives, which has come to be so dominated by the machine centered demands of the day. We don’t run technology any more. In fact, it is technology that is running us. We are controlled by it 24/7. Having this immense need to be connected to the world outside us, we are constantly checking on our messages, emails, and other updates. Even if we do get some free time our thoughts keep us occupied, planning…


Courage to be kind

o me being kind is an act of courage. Courage to challenge your own beliefs, values and that of the society. Courage to take that first step to lift someone’s life. Courage to give more and receive less. And the courage to see someone happy.  We humans are culturally motivated to be competitive. Somehow we have come to learn that life is a game and only the fittest can survive and win. In such a scenario, cultivating kindness can not only be difficult and contradictory but a weak and losing theory to accept.  To recognize that every soul is equal in every which way, requires accepting a radically different approach towards life.  It means breaking the barriers of conventional thinking…


An Act of Kindness

hen I was seven years old, I asked my mother, “how do I perform an act of kindness?” One of my first grade teachers, whom I highly respected, had a favorite phrase that was “acts of kindness.” She had millions of posters streaming across the walls of our classroom, emblazoned with bright, bold red and blue words that read “acts of kindness.” My first grade teacher told me that if I could perform one act of kindness everyday, I could make the world much brighter and more beautiful. As I explained this to my mother, she stopped me in my tracks. She took a deep breath and exhaled before she began to speak again. I thought she was going to…


Color Your World With Kindness

A beautiful, thoughtful video about being kind to one another. A must view for anyone starting on the road to kindness360.

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