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Courage to be kind

o me being kind is an act of courage. Courage to challenge your own beliefs, values and that of the society. Courage to take that first step to lift someone’s life. Courage to give more and receive less. And the courage to see someone happy.  We humans are culturally motivated to be competitive. Somehow we have come to learn that life is a game and only the fittest can survive and win. In such a scenario, cultivating kindness can not only be difficult and contradictory but a weak and losing theory to accept.  To recognize that every soul is equal in every which way, requires accepting a radically different approach towards life.  It means breaking the barriers of conventional thinking…


Once Strangers, Now Family

t was like any other day that I volunteered at this homeless shelter, yet something spectacular transpired in just one conversation I had with a complete stranger. I was no longer a volunteer, I became a friend. I became a part of another person’s life. I had not been serving at this shelter for long, and most of the work I did revolved around greeting the guests and engaging in light conversations while our stomachs grew happy and full from the warm home-cooked meals prepared by the other volunteers. Most of the guests were individuals living in poverty or were homeless and marginalized. This community center was a refuge for them. A place to call home. I tried my best…


Color Your World With Kindness

A beautiful, thoughtful video about being kind to one another. A must view for anyone starting on the road to kindness360.

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