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True Friendship and Acts of Genuine Love Get Rewarded with Vigilante Justice in Lee, New hampshire

ot too long ago, in a place most of us haven’t even heard about – the town of Lee, a widely publicized drama encrusted sex scandal played out in Rockingham County Superior Court. A popular, highly-educated, pillar of Lee’s school community, a Ms. Kristie Torbick, 39-year-old guidance counselor at Exeter High School in Lee, New Hampshire, appeared for her plea-and-sentencing hearing. …vigilante justice managed to destroy the careers of a teacher, a school guidance counselor, and a fine, fine school superintendent. Ms. Torbick had accepted responsibility for multiple counts of consensual sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old adolescent male student placed in her care. Having already admitted her guilt, she wanted (rightly so) to mitigate her punishment, if possible. So, Ms.…

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