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The Legacy of Mister Rogers

Cue the memory: I stare at the television screen at this simple-mannered man. He uses his puppets around a set that is supposed to look like a home and neighborhood. To be honest, I wanted to watch my action-packed funny cartoons, but this is what Mom would let me watch this morning before school. To my surprise, I am enthralled by what this man has to say. It is like he knows what I am feeling, and he is talking straight to my soul. My boredom is replaced with a feeling larger than what I could have imagined before watching this show. How can such a bland and unexcitable television show give such hope and self-worth to the soul of…


Growing Kindness with Yeses

There are so many self-help books out there that teach people to say “no,” to draw boundaries, to claim their space, and stick with it. What if kindness resides in the “yeses” and not the “noes?” What if with each “yes,” we are showing others that we are willing to carve time into our day to sit with them, to listen to them, and to share some insight with them. What if we grow with every yes? A new possibility unfolds and we allow ourselves to change according to that moment? What if, kindness is simply the ability to live in each moment and consciously choose to shape that moment through acts that would benefit another? I’m not suggesting saying…



Sometimes in life we discover a “pearl of great price” that was right before your eyes all the time, yet we were blind to it.  Some have this experience with their Catholic Faith; the treasure is either not seen or taken for granted.  As we rediscover our faith and learn more about it, our eyes are opened, revealing the hidden jewels.  One of the best hidden treasures of our faith is the Sacrament of Matrimony. God says, “The two shall become one.”  Mathematically, it looks like this: 1+1=1.  I wonder what Einstein would think?  It is God alone who can knit two hearts into one.  He alone can accomplish the miracle of the sacrament within.  Does it happen right away? …


The Importance of Self-Kindness

I have been struggling with postpartum anxiety. It is really hard to deal with, and even harder to admit. However, I started seeing a therapist a little over a month ago, and so far, she has been immensely helpful. One thing she has taught me is how important it is to take care of, and be kind to, yourself. If you aren’t kind to yourself, it is a lot harder to be kind to others. So, below I am going to share some tips to help you be kind to yourself. Hopefully, if you’re struggling, these tips will help you, like they have helped me. 1. Positive Affirmation We use positive affirmation with children, spouses, family and friends to help…


The Tree of Hope – A short story

t was a warm sunny summer day. The soft rays of the sun fell on the freshly mowed grass. The lilies and dandelions swayed to and fro in the gentle breeze. Nearby, a slow stream of water moved lazily through the rocks creating a melodious sound. The trees were lush green and the blooming flowers boasted of their lovely color and fragrance. The birds and squirrels seemed to be enjoying their awakening to this beautiful day. All appeared happy and gay. But there – right in the centre of this luscious field, stood a lonely tree. It was a tree that bore no leaves, fruits or flowers. Passersby often remarked, “What an odd tree. Look at its long curvy weird…

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