Charity Begins at Hotspot Cafe & Alltech Computer, La Porte

The other day while I was out and about in the City of La Porte (an industrial hub close to Lake Michigan), I decided to shoot a few pictures with my Canon EOS Rebel T6i for some future blog posts for kindness360. Well, during my picture taking excursion, my friend Justin and I decided we also needed to take an air-conditioned break inside one of the local restaurants – it was well into the 90s on this particular Saturday!

As it happened, I remembered this small corner Cafe that I had visited a couple of times in the past for its AMAZING bubble tea and coffees. I couldn’t remember the name of this little Cafe but I did remember the general location. And, so, off we went.

“There!” I said, patting Justin on the shoulder. “That’s the place! The Hotspot cafe.” By this time, I was dripping sweat, but he wasn’t. Justin is still a wrinkle-free, “boy” of twenty, and, to my jealous astonishment, he remains effortlessly able to flit from place to place (no matter what the outdoor temperature) without producing a single bead of sweat. Remarkable!

Once inside the air-conditioned oasis, Justin and I stepped up to the counter and ordered two large iced coffees. Charity, the owner of the Hotspot Cafe, served them up momentarily (with a smile) as we were reclining at a table next to the door, talking about trains and some of my better photos.

When Charity asked us what the photos were for, I happily told her how I like to snap pictures on my own so that I can post the images to the kindness360 blog without having to pay steep royalties or other high costs for using someone else’s copyrighted images. A blog, I told her, I started with the intention of preserving the random acts of kindness encountered by ordinary folks who don’t have the money, fame or public notoriety to get the recognition they deserve for doing their part to keep kindness alive in the cities and towns across America.

Charity was both excited and interested. “We have a ‘Paying It Forward’ board,” she said cheerfully, pointing to a spot on the wall. When I glanced over my shoulder, there it was. A simple brown pegboard with numerous paper receipts (compliments of past customers) tacked up and waiting to be plucked. “Anyone can buy a coffee – or anything – for someone else,” she continued. “The giver sticks the receipt on this board and when we get a customer who comes in without money, she can remove a receipt and her purchase is FREE.” Nice!

Thank you, Charity. It’s everyday folks like you helping to keep kindness alive in the hearts and minds of American citizens. Keep helping to pay it forward.

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