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The Psychology of Being a More Thoughtful and Kind Person

The Psychology of Being a More Thoughtful and Kind Person I take a psychology class at school, and, as the year comes to a close, I’ve learned a lot about human nature and our capacity for kindness.  I’ve learned about the reality of altruism, the bystander effect, and the Milgram experiment.  I’ve learned about egocentrism and theory of mind, and the ways in which we develop concern for and understanding of others.  I’ve learned that there are a lot of psychological phenomena that give us reason to be selfish, and I’ve wondered why we still don’t put in the effort to be kind to one another. Altruism is the belief in or practice of selfless concern for others.  We all…

Compassion,Poetry Corner

A Prayer

A Prayer  If there is darkness, may I shine in the light of radiant hope   If my days are bad, may I find joy in the little things in life And if I am sad, give me the grace of good humor   If there is hatred, don’t take the beauty of my heart And if I hold on to anger, let me realize the power of compassion   If there is pain, give me the strength to endure But if life seems unjust, give me the courage to be true   If I am hurt, teach me to forgive And if jealousy overwhelms, give me the wisdom to love unconditionally   If I carry regrets, may I find…


A Random Act of Kindness

ne morning, years ago when my siblings and I were in grade school, our mom took us to our local donut shop. It wasn’t a school day because we never had time before school to get donuts. We were so excited! Sitting outside the donut shop was a man. He looked unwashed, but not terribly so. He didn’t say anything as we walked past him into the shop. As we were waiting in line, my mom kept glancing out the window at this man. I knew he was homeless, and so did my mom. We bought our donuts and sat down to eat. Suddenly, my mom stood up and went outside. She was talking to the man. We couldn’t hear…


The Kindness of Wellness Checks

t has recently struck me that one of the kindest things we can ever do for anyone is a wellness check on them.  This kind of check doesn’t have to be one only done by police officers on elders.  When was the last time you checked in on a vulnerable neighbor, friend or family member just to make sure they were okay today? A case in point, I love to see in the movies how, during some disaster like a coming storm, younger folks seem to always be checking in on their senior neighbors as if it were the most natural thing.  However, I have found myself asking, how often do wellness checks actually happen in today’s wary, distracted society? neighbors…


It’s the Little Things that Count

manda and her son Noah went to Denny’s one morning just days before a very special day: his birthday! She had gifted him enough money to buy a meal, but when he spotted a police officer eating at the restaurant, Noah felt an overwhelming need to give back. When Amanda heard about his suggestion — to pay for the officer’s meal — she happily gave him the permission to do so, obviously proud of her son’s selfless nature. When Noah paid for the meal, the officer took a selfie with him, thanking the almost-nine year old for the good deed. Noah had even left a little parting note. On the receipt he wrote, “I want to be you when I…

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