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Be Kind To Yourself – Take That Pause

One cold evening, as I sat relaxed sipping a warm cup of tea, I experienced a nice friendly feeling – a sense of pristine calmness and appreciation of a divine and beautiful moment. And so just this small incident, got me thinking about our present day lives, which has come to be so dominated by the machine centered demands of the day. We don’t run technology any more. In fact, it is technology that is running us. We are controlled by it 24/7. Having this immense need to be connected to the world outside us, we are constantly checking on our messages, emails, and other updates. Even if we do get some free time our thoughts keep us occupied, planning…


The Importance of Self-Kindness

I have been struggling with postpartum anxiety. It is really hard to deal with, and even harder to admit. However, I started seeing a therapist a little over a month ago, and so far, she has been immensely helpful. One thing she has taught me is how important it is to take care of, and be kind to, yourself. If you aren’t kind to yourself, it is a lot harder to be kind to others. So, below I am going to share some tips to help you be kind to yourself. Hopefully, if you’re struggling, these tips will help you, like they have helped me. 1. Positive Affirmation We use positive affirmation with children, spouses, family and friends to help…


A Random Act of Kindness

ne morning, years ago when my siblings and I were in grade school, our mom took us to our local donut shop. It wasn’t a school day because we never had time before school to get donuts. We were so excited! Sitting outside the donut shop was a man. He looked unwashed, but not terribly so. He didn’t say anything as we walked past him into the shop. As we were waiting in line, my mom kept glancing out the window at this man. I knew he was homeless, and so did my mom. We bought our donuts and sat down to eat. Suddenly, my mom stood up and went outside. She was talking to the man. We couldn’t hear…


Poem: The Art of Being Kind

The art of Being Kind Opening heart, soul and mind Even the smallest gesture Can bring some pleasure To anyone in need Accomplished by one simple deed Whether big or small It doesn’t matter at all


The Kindness of Wellness Checks

t has recently struck me that one of the kindest things we can ever do for anyone is a wellness check on them.  This kind of check doesn’t have to be one only done by police officers on elders.  When was the last time you checked in on a vulnerable neighbor, friend or family member just to make sure they were okay today? A case in point, I love to see in the movies how, during some disaster like a coming storm, younger folks seem to always be checking in on their senior neighbors as if it were the most natural thing.  However, I have found myself asking, how often do wellness checks actually happen in today’s wary, distracted society? neighbors…

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