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June 15, 2019


Matthew Matheny, A Compassionate Loan Consultant with a Big Heart for A Homeless Veteran

If you’ve ever tried to purchase your own home, you can understand the high emotional and financial cost the entire house hunting and purchasing process can have on a first-time buyer. Just the mountain of paperwork and demanding credit history checks, alone, are almost insurmountable obstacles for any anyone no matter where they live. Simply put – home ownership is seldom an easy process. But what if you had to add the fact that you are homeless? And you are a military veteran with post-service scars? AND you are short on the money needed to secure the loan or guarantee the contract? If this were you, I’d say there was a real good chance you weren’t going to get into…

Poetry Corner

High School

Days feel like years, years feel like days. Mornings feel like nights, nights feel like mornings. Friends feel like family, family feels like friends. One time the cycle will end, and the next chapter of life will begin.