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January 4, 2019


Loving Your Own Company

One thing we are constantly informed of is that humans are social beings and that being alone is one of the greatest afflictions we can endure. Mix that with the pressures that we all experience; reconciliation of self-identity, images of our best selves, and our desires to be moral, helpful people. It can seem like we have some very large shoes to fill, our own. These common psychological afflictions contribute largely to a decreased sense of self-worth, and a sense that we are not as good right now as we should be. It is important to be able to be content with yourself and still give yourself room to grow and change for the better. There are a couple of…



Sometimes in life we discover a “pearl of great price” that was right before your eyes all the time, yet we were blind to it.  Some have this experience with their Catholic Faith; the treasure is either not seen or taken for granted.  As we rediscover our faith and learn more about it, our eyes are opened, revealing the hidden jewels.  One of the best hidden treasures of our faith is the Sacrament of Matrimony. God says, “The two shall become one.”  Mathematically, it looks like this: 1+1=1.  I wonder what Einstein would think?  It is God alone who can knit two hearts into one.  He alone can accomplish the miracle of the sacrament within.  Does it happen right away? …

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