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October 9, 2018


True Friendship and Acts of Genuine Love Get Rewarded with Vigilante Justice in Lee, New hampshire

ot too long ago, in a place most of us haven’t even heard about – the town of Lee, a widely publicized drama encrusted sex scandal played out in Rockingham County Superior Court. A popular, highly-educated, pillar of Lee’s school community, a Ms. Kristie Torbick, 39-year-old guidance counselor at Exeter High School in Lee, New Hampshire, appeared for her plea-and-sentencing hearing. …vigilante justice managed to destroy the careers of a teacher, a school guidance counselor, and a fine, fine school superintendent. Ms. Torbick had accepted responsibility for multiple counts of consensual sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old adolescent male student placed in her care. Having already admitted her guilt, she wanted (rightly so) to mitigate her punishment, if possible. So, Ms.…


Courage to be kind

o me being kind is an act of courage. Courage to challenge your own beliefs, values and that of the society. Courage to take that first step to lift someone’s life. Courage to give more and receive less. And the courage to see someone happy.  We humans are culturally motivated to be competitive. Somehow we have come to learn that life is a game and only the fittest can survive and win. In such a scenario, cultivating kindness can not only be difficult and contradictory but a weak and losing theory to accept.  To recognize that every soul is equal in every which way, requires accepting a radically different approach towards life.  It means breaking the barriers of conventional thinking…

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